Mr President and our retiring Captain, Jim Roberts welcomed Members and guests to the 2020 Captain’s Inauguration. Prior to the introduction of the incoming Captain and Section Captain’s a presentation to Ian Andrews, representing the Yorkshire Air Ambulance was made. The total raised throughout the year amounted to £4348, which will pay for one flight of that yellow bird we see in the sky and which will likely make the difference in saving someone’s life. An excellent year Jim and Ladies Captain Janet, who thanked the Members for their incredible support. It is an honour and a privilege to accept the nomination as your Club Captain in 2020, supported by my Vice-Captain, John Atha, our Ladies Captain, Jayne Railton and Vice-Captain Gill Lamport, Rabbits Captain, Bill Railton, Seniors Captain, Allan Hood, Tigers Captain, Adam Jackson and Charlotte Hewison, Junior Captain. We all look forward to another successful year for the Club, both on and off the golf course and in upholding the traditions of Amateur Golf.