Over the last few days damaged trees to the right of the 6th fairway have been removed for safety reasons, finishing a job which Storm Ciara and Dennis began a couple of weeks ago. To enable access to the ditch to the right of the Par 3, 14th, for maintenance purposes, the hedge has been removed as this will be crucial to the ongoing maintenance and proposed drainage improvements. On clearing the hedge these golf balls were discovered buried deep into the hedge and by the looks, one of them perhaps for as long as 50 years! No prizes for guessing which one.

The tree in front of the ladies 13th tee has also been removed, with the plum tree at the rear of the 12th green given attention. Other damaged trees around the course have also been attended to as necessary. The greens team will be looking at ways to improve conservation and ecology throughout the course as demonstrated last year with the creation of the meadow in front of and surrounding the 11th tee. With the assistance of the volunteers and to encourage growth of the wild flowers the team will be removing thistles and other invasive weeds. Further updates will be posted as soon as possible regarding the opening of the full course. Stuart Charlesworth – Greens Director.