Hole 1

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 1


This dog leg hole provides a real test of accuracy at the start of the round as out of bounds on the left gathers up the right hander’s pull and the trees on the right just love to gather up a right hander’s slice! A good tee shot to the centre of the fairway, however, opens up the green to a short to mid iron shot to the green which is protected either side by bunkers. This shot is usually into the prevailing wind, so make sure that you have selected ‘enough’ club.




Hole 2

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 2


Beware of the out of bounds both left and right (internal). A good long straight drive gives you the chance to go for the green in two, but a large protective bunker is waiting for your ball at the front of the green. The green slopes front to back as it is designed to recieve a short iron as the third shot on the par 5. The long iron or rescue club needs to land softly to stay on the green.




Hole 3

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 3


Although this is a new green it presents itself as a design from the old master, Alister MacKenzie. You need to be putting up hill to give you the best chance of that elusive birdie! Try and avoid the bunkers either side of the green and ensure that you take sufficient club to reach your target.




Hole 4

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 4


Another hole along side the Course boundary so the out of bounds runs from tee to green. The best drive is hit with a slight draw to follow the contours of the hole and ensure that you are right of the single tree some 180 yards from the tee. A good drive will leave a short iron to the green but watch out for the trouble long and left of the green.


Hole Flyover


Hole 5

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 5


A blind tee shot over the crest of a hill will test your driving prowess! The ideal position for aiming is to the right of centre as the fairway slopes gently from right to left. From the right of the fairway a mid iron will need to clear the small (but popular!) single bunker. From the left there are three large bunkers to navigate before you are ‘dancing’ on the green. Reach the green in two and birdie is a distinct possiblity on this relatively flat green.



Hole 6

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 6


A short par 5, but don’t be fooled as it plays up hill all the way. The hole has a slight dog leg left and the drive must hit the centre of the fairway if you wish to take on the green in two. The green which slopes back to front and has bunkers either side is small and designed to receive a shot from a short iron. Also, do not ignore the out of bounds, as you are still playing close to the Course boundary.




Hole 7

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 7


Often described as one of the hardest par 3’s in Yorkshire the 213 yards plays more than its length on this uphill hole. The green slopes left to right leaving you a very difficult putt if you are above the hole (stay below!). Once on the green, two putts is a good result so be content with a par. The last hole in one was achieved by a 12 handicapper using a driver.


Hole 8

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 8


Having turned to play towards the Clubhouse you now face the second hardest hole on the Course. The ideal drive is straight over the marker post with a touch of draw. Two bunkers on the left and the trees on the right must be avoided if you are to have a chance of reaching the green in two. Most players are left with a long iron or rescue club shot to the green, but make sure you can reach with a straight shot as there are two bunkers waiting to receive your ball. Consider laying up and hitting a small wedge to make sure you are not in sand.




Hole 9

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 9


The green is drivable but beware of out of bounds beyond the hedge on the left. A lay up leaves a tough pitch to the green which protects the hole as it slops severely from front to back (ensure you are putting up the slope – even then there are some severe swings to navigate). This is a real birdie opportunity but that errant stroke means that you could just as easily be looking at a bogey 5.




Hole 10

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 10


A good drive, avoiding the ditch on a wind assisted day, will set up a long iron or rescue club into the large MacKenzie green. The green slopes back to front so try ana ensure that you are not at the top of the green as this will test your best putting stroke.




Hole 11

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 11


Be prepared for a tight drive and if you avoid the ditch and are on the fairway there is a chance of reaching the green in two as the second half of the fairway is downhill. A 3 wood could be a sensible choice for long hitters! The green is long and receptive so make sure that you have enough club when hitting a third to the green which has bunkers either side. A birdie chance awaits!




Hole 12

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 12


A long uphill par 4 which plays longer than it’s length. A ‘Sunday best’ tee shot will give you a chance of getting on the green in regulation with a mid to long iron. A long slim green which gathers in from the left and slopes back to front. A par will feel like a birdie to the majority of golfers.




Hole 13

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 13


A long sweeping genuine three shot par 5. Ensure your drive finishes right of the marker post to give you the best line for your second shot. A ditch 160 yards from the green is very popular so make sure you get the right club selection. The small green is set in a bowl and requires a precise approach shot to make that birdie a possibility.




Hole 14

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 14


An accurate mid to long iron to a small, narrow pear shaped green with bunkers either side for protection is necessary to set up at least a good two putt opportunity. Missing the green will mean a tough up and down so make sure your short game is in good order.




Hole 15

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 15


A short par 4 with a slight dog leg to the right. Long hitters will need to avoid the bunker which runs across the fairway so a fairway wood may be the choice from the tee. A good position will leave a wedge to the green where your accuracy could be benefited with a birdie.




Hole 16

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 16


Possibly the signature hole! Normally the hole plays into the wind to add to the difficulty factor for which is already a tough tight tee shot. Avoid the twin oaks and hit the fairway to give a chance to reach the MacKenzie green in two with a mid iron. Uphill for the second part of the hole leading to the green which has the easiest putts from the front as you are playing up the MacKenzie slope.




Hole 17

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 17


A delightful looking downhill par 3 which does not easily give up par if you miss the green. The hole plays shorter than the yardage and there is trouble left and right so ensure that you are straight off the tee.




Hole 18

PDGC Course Tour - Hole 18


A steady incline from tee to green. A straight drive is required to avoid the out of bounds on the left and the trees on the right. Once in position select one more club than you think but avoid getting the top side of the flag as the green slopes from back to front. Hitting the ball beyond the green will result in out of bounds!


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