Seniors Update
Following our initial match of the season where we tied 3:3 at Selby, the Seniors played two further away matches.  Another 3:3 draw at Howley Hall was followed by a visit to Woolley Park where we narrowly escaped a whitewash, being beaten ½:5½ by a strong Woolley Park seniors team.  On Thursday 9 May, the return match with Woolley Park was played in damp conditions at Pontefract and the balance was redressed somewhat with Pontefract securing a win 3½ to 2½.
Our next two matches are a home match against Easingwold on Thursday 30 May and an away fixture against  Leeds Golf Club (Cobble Hall) on Monday 3 June.  Team sheets will go up on the noticeboard in the next few days.  So Seniors, please put your name down if you want to play in either of these matches. For those who are not familiar with our system, if you play in the first match against a particular club, you will automatically be selected for the return match against that same club (although you are, of course, welcome to withdraw if you are unable to play the return fixture).
As we have had quite a lot of players wanting to participate in our matches this season, may I ask that in the first instance you put yourself down for one or other of the next two games, not both.  This will enable more people to get a game. If, closer to the date the match is to be played, there are still places available, then do feel free to add your name even if you are down for the other match.
Best wishes and happy golfing!
Jon Fraise
Seniors Captain