Members are advised the World Handicap System will go live on November 2nd 2020 and this will mean a number of changes for us all. In order to ensure there is a smooth transition to the new system we have planned a major communications exercise starting from now. Each week, English Golf will be providing a poster giving details of the various elements of the new system and this will be posted on the dedicated WHS Notice Board which is in the foyer outside the Professional’s shop. We will also post the information on our social media pages and via a weekly email to all members. Please click here to view an electronic version of the Rules of Handicapping Player Reference Guide. Additional hard copies have been requested and will be available in the main foyer when received. As this is a major change, we are also planning a series of presentation sessions in the club house during September & October, where a more detailed explanation is given and an opportunity to raise questions. Obviously, because of Covid restrictions, attendance at these sessions will need to be pre-booked in advance, dates and times will be issued shortly. To oversee this smooth transition, our dedicated Handicap Committee of Jason Shaw, Chantelle Shaw, Jim Roberts and our Professional Ian Marshall are busy making sure our current player database is fully ready. One area we need your help is from those of you who have very few recent scores in the system as these are required for your new handicap. We will send an email to members in this category with details soon. Please make the effort to put some supplementary cards in but obtain prior agreement from Ian/Jeff before you do so. Thank you.

Jason Shaw
Handicap Secretary